Fiskeværet Hovden

- a fishing village and a Northern Norwegian paradise at Bø in Vesterålen

Fiskeværet Hovden

At the coast of Bø in Vesterålen you find the fishing village Hovden, a village which truly knows the art of enduring and living together with the forces of the powerful sea.
When visiting this village you will experience the traditions, the true culture and the everyday way of living in an authentic Northern Norwegian fishing village alongside the closeup experience of nature and its Arctic elements.

Hovden is embraced by three extraordinary beaches and a wild and beautiful landscape with mountains perfect for hiking. Walking in the surroundings of Hovden also means breathing in the salty winds and the true essence of the fishing village. The shifting weather in this climate gives you both the true experience of life at the coast of Northern Norway and also presents you with spectacular sceneries and experiences. Hovden is a paradise for photographers seeking the midnight sun, the Northern lights or the Arctic wildlife, as well as motifs of everyday life in a fishing village.

Visit Hovden for inspiration, for recreation, for extraordinary experiences or for connecting with nature and yourself.

Welcome to Fiskeværet Hovden!


“Certain destinations give you the feeling of having reached the end of the world. Hovden, this tiny, windblown fishing village close to the endless ocean and right at the end of the road, is one of those destinations. A mysterious and ghost town-like village which coats you in the sensation of destiny. In the calm and quiet, yet pursuing summer breeze, the only sounds you can catch in this place is the soft knocking of dried fish against its wooden racks. Except for the kittiwakes, of course.

On Malnessanden our feet met the velvety white sand, and the kids found sand hills to surf. From Hovden you can also visit the beaches of Timstokkan or Finnbogsanden.

Still – it is the Mordor-like mountains behind the cove in the northwest that truly gives the place its character.”

– Christine Baglo