About Fiskeværet Hovden

Fiskeværet Hovden AS with its Storhavet kafé and the Hovden house is owned and run by Elin Dahl, with good assistance and warm support from her husband, Rune, and her daughter Eline. Elin grew up at Hovden and has a strong and heartfelt connection and engagement for the place, which made her move back to her childhood home in 2013. “For many years I have had the dream of establishing tourism in Hovden. Not only because of its attractiveness, but also for contributing to the future existence of the fishing village Hovden and its surrounding district. My goal is to contribute to the development and growth of businesses and industries, making the district of Bø and Vesterålen an interesting destination for new residents and visitors.”

Fiskeværet Hovdens goal is to create a sustainable tourist industry and thus contribute to a sustainable community when it comes to nature and environment, and for the culture and the people living in Hovden and its surrounding district.


Hovden has been an operative fishing village in Vesterålen for many decades. Because of its location close to rich fishing areas and being nearby industries processing fish, many of Hovdens residents have been occupied in the fishing industry. Up until the late 1980s the place had a fish processing line, a local shop, an elementary school and its own post office. As society as a whole organized itself in a more centralized manner during the following years, many young people moved away, and consequently made various occupations and services gradually dissolve.

Despite the fairly low number of residents living in Hovden today, only thirteen, the heart of the place still beats. The Hovden port becomes active during the white fish season in the winter. The people of Hovden, both the present residents and the former residents engage in keeping traditions and the history of Hovden alive through events and gatherings.